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Replicate Replicate - How you can take part

Have you ever wondered if the results presented in an article or a study you read were correct? Have you ever wondered how the choice of methodology or data can influence results?

IN A JOINT INITIATIVE, ReplicationWiki, Project Teaching Integrity in Empirical Research (TIER), the Philosophy of Economics Working Group (INET-YSI) and the Institute for New Economics Thinking-Education Platform (INET.ED) welcome you to the world of replication supported by experienced instructors.

REPLICATION IS IMPORTANT BECAUSE it scientifically reinforces the validity of methodologies and results. In a wide sense, it can also be used to check the generalizability of results using data that is updated or from different places, and it can help to check previous research using improved or alternative methods.

FREE AVAILABLE CONTENT. The course is useful for students and also instructors can reduce their workload by using the webinar’s materials for their teaching on replication.

THIS COURSE was hosted by the Philosophy of Economics WG as a Webinar, starting September 2022, featuring monthly sessions. 




Jan 20, 2023

Diana Soeiro